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Heat Treatment Services

We provide our customers with various services relating to Precipitation Hardening or Age Hardening. The solutions are undertaken by using the Heat Treatment Services technique that increases the yield strength of malleable material.

Heat treatment process is a very critical process for achieving best quality uniform metallurgical properties. The Heat Treatment is done as per required soaking time and PPAP standards for all forged components. Heat treated parts we supply always go through pre and post heat treatment inspection in order to ensure quality. After Heat Treatment process, forgings are shot blasted and inspected. All heat treatment cycles are properly recorded with time temperature charts, SCADA, alarm controls, etc.

Plasma Nitriding Services

Nitriding in pulse glowing discharge (PLASMA nitriding) is an efficient method to increase hardness and wear-resistance of metals and alloys. Basic technological advantage of the method is the low temperature at which the process takes place resulting in negligible volume deformations.

Plasma nitriding is a method with vast technological possibilities, suitable for treating parts with very complex shapes and geometries.

Diffusion layers of desired structure can be obtained, i.e. the diffusion saturation process is controllable and can be optimized to comply with the particular requirements to the layer qualities Plasma Nitriding is also capable of treating parts of Stainless Steel without the necessity of a predepasivation process. The treatment could also be carried out so that it could preserve the corrosion resistance of the steel.